Specializing in traditional tattoos, class acts, and other uncomfortable situations since 2008.

jessi preston tattoo artist of lombard street tattoo in portland, oregon and two horses tattoo and hair salon in montreal, canadaI graduated from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and currently work as a tattoo artist, illustrator, designer, and entrepreneur. I own Lombard Street Tattoo in Portland, Oregon and I co-own Two Horses Tattoo & Hair Boutique in Montreal, Canada.

I was voted Best Tattoo Artist in Montreal for 2015 and remained on the top 5 list for 5 more years. As an illustrator, I have worked with Tattly, Slack, Macy’s, Stay Home Club, Explorers Press and Portland’s own Cycle Dog, to name a few. I have been featured in Elle Quebec, Things & Ink Magazine,, Swallows & Daggers, and Juxtaposes’ Tattoo of the Day.

I helped to co-found Reform Oregon Tattooing, an organization of licensed, working tattooers in the state of Oregon advocating for more effective regulation of our industry.

I have worked with a number of charity organizations supporting women, houseless people, and queer teens in both Portland and Montreal and I welcome opportunities to support LGBTQ and other oppressed communities.

To get in touch for a tattoo, collaboration or any other creative endeavor, please email me directly at [email protected].